Tasha Mcqueen Bracken

I have an obsession with shoes and bags - mostly of the Prada variety.  I love fashion and view it has an integral part of what we do. High fashion influences the colors, texture and fabrics that are the foundation of the parties we design. In my personal life, I am down to earth and you’ll most likely find me wearing jeans and a fun top – all about comfort. I love traveling and spending time with my husband Bill and our two cats, which are our kids. I can usually be found working out, trying new wines or reading a book.

Her work has also been recognized several times by the National Association of Catering and Events including the Clyde McCarthy Spirit of NACE, Event Professional of the Year and Wedding of the Year. awards


Bracken is former president of the Boston Wedding Group and currently sits on the board of the New England Chapter of the National Association of Catering and Events. As part of this organization she has been very involved in the FON (Feeding Our Neighbors) initiative which help to pair leftover food from events with participating Food Rescue Operations. Tasha supports many organizations including IMPACT Melanoma, MSPCA and Rodman Ride for Kids.


Perfect Client: I love clients that think out of the box, aren’t afraid to do something untraditional and confident in their decisions. Traditions are important, but you can always put a twist on it

Hashtag of the minute: #createwow

Favorite cocktail: Paloma or Perrier Jouet champagne

Won’t leave the house without: My notebook and to do list

Favorite Book or movie: Currently reading 15 Seconds. Any of the Rocky movies and of course The Wedding Planner…My Best Friend’s Wedding is a close second

My Jam: Suit and Tie – anything by JT

Guilty Pleasure: Red wine and chocolate


Lindsay Dias

I would describe myself as someone who walks the line between rustic and stylish elegance. Think a beautiful chandelier with floral installations in a barn. My dream vacations can be anything from camping at the Grand Canyon, biking through Burgundy in France or laying in the sun with a cocktail in Puerto Rico.  I love traveling, boxing and cooking.  In my spare time I volunteer for the MSPCA, take spin classes, run the esplanade, or eat donuts and swoon over all the dogs at Blackstone Square in the South End. 


Lindsay graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications. For nearly a decade she worked in educational publishing. Event coordination was always a hobby for her until she decided to make her hobby her career. After interning in the event industry for several months and working her first gala, she was hooked!  As an Associate Event Producer, Lindsay works on nonprofits, weddings Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and other social events helping clients coordinate logistics and design for their event.    



Perfect Client: A client who can be themselves around me and not hold back any thoughts, questions or ideas! Be honest and tell me how you feel and what you're thinking. 

Hashtag of the Minute:  #allthefeels #joblove

Favorite CocktailGin and Tonic with a splash (or a few splashes) of St. Germain

Won’t Leave the House Without: Iced coffee and my planner

Favorite Book or Movie: “The Great Gatsby” (the book, not the movie!) and my favorite flick is tough but depending on my mood it’s either Almost Famous, Home Alone, or WALL-E.

My Jam: Anything by Springsteen and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a Belieber

Guilty Pleasure: Tacos, burritos, pretty much all Mexican Food!  And watching anything on Bravo…

Day of Management Team


Tricia Frederico

I have aways loved events and being able to help others. Many call me the "mother" of the team and I always make sure everyone is taken care of. If a bride needs her dress hemmed or if we need to fix a cake, I am the one to problem solve and fix. When at home, I love spending time with my husband Joe and our dog Sandy. 


Tricia, production director, has planned numerous events including large, high-end society functions. Tricia is the adopted “mother” of the studio, always making sure everyone has what is needed to complete tasks.

She is creative, a problem solver and will do what it takes to make an event successful. Even if it means hunting down a pastry shop for frosting.



Perfect Client: An easy going client open to ideas

Hashtag of the Minute:  #eventplanners

Favorite Cocktail: Bloody Mary's!

Won’t Leave the House Without: My I-Phone

Favorite Book or Movie: Any comedy or romance movie

My Jam: Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

Guilty Pleasure: Pasta, I could eat it every day! 

Renee Sabo

As a Midwest native who moved here four years ago, I fell in love with the charm of New England. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, fitness classes, cooking and exploring Boston with my husband. I can also be found sharing the latest trends on social media and I love to design unique printed materials or design fresh new websites. Traveling and experiencing the diverse cultures that our world has to offer is forever a passion of mine. 


Renee is very passionate, creative and driven. Her expertise ranges from intimate celebrations to over-the-top extravaganzas. She is well-versed with events of all types and sizes, from grand weddings and festivals to corporate banquets and fundraisers. Renee sits on the board of the International Special Events Society as the VP of Education and Programs. 


Perfect Client: I love a couple who isn't afraid to incorporate their personalities into their big day -- whether that be adding a special pop song into your ceremony or leaving custom favors that tie into your love story

Hashtag of the Minute:  #saturdayvibes #workvibes

Favorite CocktailHow can you pick just one? I love all types of bubbly or moscow mule's with a twist

Won’t Leave the House Without: My iPhone and lip gloss

Favorite Book or Movie: Wedding Crashers

My Jam: Blank Space - Taylor Swift (or really any song by tswift)

Guilty Pleasure: French pastries, and I've been known on occasion to get sucked into Reality TV shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Bobby Smith

I love any opportunity to be creative and express myself whether it is through music, art, or the details of an event. In my personal life, I am very easy-going and you’ll most likely find me socializing with friends, trying new restaurants or bars to find that new great dish or cocktail, or even watching a good movie on the couch for some R&R.  


Bobby’s background in events, while always being in his blood, really came to fruition during his four years at college at Bentley University. From there, he interned with our SD Team during college, and has worked part-time as an Event Producer ever since. Smith is currently an event planner for the Marriott Hotel in Newton, MA, where he manages the production of corporate events, conferences, birthday parties, mitzvahs, weddings, reunions, and many more! Bobby is also the coordinator of The Alumni Choir in Norwood, MA, and a board member of the NFACT group, an advocacy group in Norwood, for Fine Arts Education & Programs in schools. 



Perfect Client: My ideal client is someone who is firstly passionate about their event, filled with excitement and eagerness for the special day that they are planning.  Also, I appreciate clients who are willing to collaborate during the planning process and push themselves creatively to help produce their own unique event that can never be replicated.

Hashtag of the Minute:  #allinthedeets

Favorite CocktailClassic margarita on the rocks with salt

Won’t Leave the House Without: My iPhone: because it has my email, music, calendar, and all of my social media

Favorite Book or Movie: Any of the Marvel movies and my favorite comedy is Dodgeball

My Jam: 80’s Michael Jackson – Rock with You, Billie Jean, Beat It, Human Nature, PYT

Guilty Pleasure: Eating chips and guacamole while watching the show “Survivor”


Nicoletta Omo, "Suzy"

Events are a passion of mine - the excitement and energy that goes into planning and coordinating is what drives my passion. In my personal life, I enjoy new experiences and expanding my horizon. Travel and discovering new things are integral part of my life. In my spare time I enjoy being crafty and active. I like to consider myself a Tequila Connoisseur.  I love to learn and I believe keeping an open mind to others lifestyles and ideas is very important. This has helped tremendously with clients, allowing to see multiple points of view. We learn most from those around us. 


Omo is a graduate of Bridgewater State University and currently working in Pharmaceutical Event Planning, and is apart of the SD Events, Day of Management team. She has experience in the Corporate sector but also in the Social Event Realm, and holds a passion for coordinating and planning weddings, private parties and non-profits.   



Perfect Client: I love clients who find unique ways to express themselves. Clients who think "outside-the-box" to personalize their event

Hashtag of the Minute:  #livesimply

Favorite Cocktail: Boston Tea Party (from Renee's wedding at Marliave) - or an old fashioned Margarita

Won’t Leave the House Without: My morning tea

Favorite Book or Movie: Something Borrowed, by Emily Griffin  and "You are a badass" By Jen Sincere - read it, seriously, read it. New Age Self-Help and Self-discovery book... It will change your life

Movie... thats a tough one, Home Alone (the original) or P.S. I love you

My Jam: Water Under the Bridge by Adele

Guilty Pleasure: I love watching Documentaries and HGTV, can't pass up some dark chocolate either