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Guest Book Alternatives

Guest books have gotten an upgrade! Couples are turning towards creative alternatives to remember their wedding day. Instead of the traditional handwritten signature in a guest book, why not try one of these creative ideas?

Polaroid Camera

This alternative still includes a guest book, but allows for a personalized touch with a Polaroid shot of each guest. For an additional touch of fun, leave props (like hats and masks) for guests to use within their photos. This is a great alternative to the newest trend of wedding photo booths… and one that the couple gets to enjoy themselves. Create an entire album with captions filled with well-wishes to store on your bookshelf for years!

Paper chain

Another option is to have guests each write their well wishes on a narrow strip of paper. Leaving a stapler nearby, each greeting can be added to a simple paper chain, which symbolizes good luck. An added bonus is the beautiful backdrop that the completed chain creates! The happy couple can read one wish a day while deconstructing the guestbook chain.

Wine Bottles

Many couples already participate in the tradition of opening a bottle of wine from their wedding night again on the night of their first anniversary. But why not make that bottle even more special? Have a bottle of wine act as a guest book, and invite guests to sign their words of wisdom directly onto the bottle with a gold or silver sharpie. Take the bottle a step further and provide a bottle for the 1st, 5th, 10th, and 20th anniversaries! Then tuck the bottle away and open it in a year… or 20! You’re sure to relive many great memories of your special night.

Date Jar

Instead of writing well wishes or congratulations, ask each guest to write down their favorite activity for a date night. With the jar filled to the top, there will never be a shortage of fun dates after the wedding festivities have come to a close.

Guest box

Similar to using the Polaroid Camera, creating a “guest box” allows for the couple to have lasting memories visually. Set up a small recording studio where each guest can record an audio or video message that can later be turned into a cd or DVD. Allowing each guest to create a personal and live message creates a nice favor for the bride and groom.