We build relationships with our clients based on transparency, integrity and discretion. We understand the process can be stressful on so many levels and that your goal is to host a fabulous party and not be disillusioned with the process, which is second nature to us.

To build the relationship, we want to get to know you. We encourage you to schedule a complimentary 30- minute video intro call to ensure we’re a good match. And then it’s on to an amazing planning experience!

We are there from the beginning and will be the last ones standing once the music stops and the last champagne glass is raised.



The process starts with a “kick-off” meeting where we ‘ll dive deeper into creating an unforgettable experience that isn’t just a wedding, bar mitzvah or corporate event, but feels like you were transported to another world for an incredible experience. Yes, this will also include a frank discussion about budget and what things cost. Based on your vision and what is important to you, we’ll create a realistic budget that we’ll manage to ensure best return on investment.


Through our 18 plus years of experience and industry leadership, we will curate the perfect team – handpicked to take your event to the next level


This is where the fun happens! If we’re able to visit your home, the process can start with an “in-home” visit to see where you live and the surroundings you’ve designed. We’ll create design plans based on information we gather from you which will culminate into a décor presentation where you will feel, touch all the elements procured uniquely for your celebration.


This is where we create the timeline (or production schedule as we like to call it), act as liaison with the team and execute a flawless event!


Let’s start the process!